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Pottery Painting Studio

Capture that moment in time by creating painted ceramics and bespoke clay impressions

Baby Prints on Pottery


At miniPotters, we think that choice is everything so we have a wide range pottery on which you can print your baby's prints. Don't worry, we'll help you work out what you want and how your little one's footprints will look best on the pottery.


Next step is to choose the colours you want. We have a fantastic range of colours for you to select, and lots of samples for you to compare.


Let us help you get the best possible footprint or handprint. Our staff are well practised in getting the perfect prints from little feet and hands.


Leave your pieces with us to fire for you and we'll give you a call when they are ready for you to collect (usually no more than 2 weeks).

Clay Imprints

Don't worry, we'll be there to help you with everything! It can be tricky getting the best possible print of your little one, but we are super-practised at this and have the perfect knack :)

Mistakes don't matter, we patiently persevere until you are happy with your imprints. We don't like to boast but we usually get it right the first time :)

You can choose between footprints or handprints (or both!) for clay pieces and we will frame your pieces for you, ready for you to collect at a later date.

Painting Fun for Kids (& Grown-ups)


We have loads of pottery characters for children to choose from and enjoy painting. Book a table so you can relax and take your time painting. Cappuccinos and a range or teas served.

We encourage people of all ages to come and have a go painting some pottery, it's very relaxing and satisfying. Painted pieces can make great personalised gifts for friends and family.

Parties and Commissions

Children's parties

On Saturdays you can book the whole studio for children's parties. Recommended time for parties is 90 minutes, depending on the age group. Pottery painting parties are great fun and a great hit with children! We can also arrange balloons and decoration if you like. A member of the team is always at hand to get involved and help out with everything.

Contact us for more information, and don't forget to bring cake and jelly :)

Hen parties

Treat your hen to a special afternoon at miniPotters, not only will the afternoon be great fun but your hen receives lots of personalised hand painted gifts from all her best friends! The studio is available for hen parties any weekday evening from 6pm to 9pm and Saturdays and Sundays too. We can supply balloons and decoration if required.

Don't forget the champagne!


We do a range of commission pieces, which we design together with you for various occasions. Commission pieces work really well for the following:

Leaving do's

How to find us


Public transport

Earlsfield BR Station is only a few minutes walk, or you can take buses 44, 77 or 270 straight to the bus stop just outside the studio.


430 Garratt Lane
SW18 4HN


020 8944 7466



Franchising miniPotters

Considering opening your own pottery studio?

Why not start a franchise of Mini Potters? Mini Potters has now been a profitable business for 5 years :) The owner, Ellie, is running sessions on how to start your own business. Ellie can offer advice on all aspects of the business, full training on all the studio and technical work required, and guidance on how to manage your accounts. You can email Ellie on ellie.pring@hotmail.com.